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Chunyan Ma
Title:Professor Education:Ph.D
Research Area:New Energy Power Generation, Monitoring and Surveillance Technology
  • Publications
    (1) Ma Chunyan, Chen Yan. The Level of Underground Salt Cavern Morphological Detector Control System Design[C]. 2013 2nd International Symposium on Instrumentation and Measurement, Sensor Network and Automation (IMSNA). 2014:282-286
    (2) Ma Chunyan, Chen Yan. Fuzzy Control of Switched Reluctance Planar Motors [C]. Proceeding of 2010 Second Global Congress on Intelligent System, GCIS 2010, v1:203-206.
    (3) Ma Chunyan, Chen Yan. Research on the switched reluctance planar motor with mechatronics CAD/CAE[C]. Proceedings-2010 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Intelligent System, ICIS 2010,v2:49-52.
    (4) Ma Chunyan, Li Gengxin. Research on a Self-powered Wireless Ultrasonic Flow Sensor System[C]. Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE International Conference on Progress in Informatics and Computing, PIC 2010,v1:522-526.
    (5) Ma Chunyan, Chen Yan,. Simulation Research on Switched Reluctance Planar Motor Based on Maxwell 3D [J].Micro motor, 2009, 42(7):13-15
    (6) Ma Chunyan, Wang Zhenmin. Translational Motion Principle and Configuration Design of Switched Reluctance Planar Motor [J], Journal of Electric Machines and Control, 2008, 12(1): 38-41+46.
    (7) Ma Chunyan, Chen Yan. A Switched Reluctance Planar Motor. National Patent. 2010.5.26 (Patent Number: 201010178324.6)
    (8) Ma Chunyan, Chen Yan. A Control Patten of Translator’s Displacement for Direct-drive Switched Reluctance Planar Motors. National Patent. 2010.5.26 ( Patent Number: 20121006243.5)
    (9) Ma Chunyan, Wang Ying. Microcomputer Principles and Interface Technology (Second Edition) [M].Publishing House of Electronics Industry. 2013.3.1 (ISBN 978-7-121-17588-6)
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