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Junjie Ren
Title:Lecturer Education:Ph.D
Research Area:Motor Frequency Control, Design of High Performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, and Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
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    Lecturer Junjie Ren received his BEng degree, Master degree and PhD degree from Dalian Maritime University, China, in 2008,2010, 2015, respectively. And He is presently working as a Lecturer in the College of Electrical and Power Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology. His current research concerned with Motor frequency control, Design of high performance permanent magnet synchronous motor, and sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motor. Lecturer Ren was won the second prize at the North China Region in the third National College Young Teachers Electronic Technology Foundation, Electronic Circuit Course Teaching Competition. And To guide students to participate in the 14th Siemens Cup China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge in 2020 and win the National Finals Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Design and Application Competition: industrial Automation Direction, second prize of undergraduate group.
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    (2) J. Ren, Y. Liu, N. Wang, S. Liu, " Sensorless control of Ship Propulsion Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor based on a new sliding mode observer," in ISA Transactions, 2015, 54 (1): 15-26.
    (3) Y. Liu, S. Liu, C. Wang, H. Guo, J. Ren, Y.Yu "Research on online parameter identification and adaptive control of UUV propulsion motor," in Electric Machines and Control, 2016,20(4): 34-40.
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    (5) J. Ren, Y. Liu, Y. Zhao, C. Wang, " Research on the different vector control schemes with larger power marine PMSM," in Electric Machines and Control, 2011,15(6):32-37.
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