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Chunguang Ren
Title:Associate Professor
Research Area:Modeling and Control of Power Electronics, Power Energy Routers, Power Electronics Interfaces For Renewable Source In Microgrid, Power Quality and Stability of Power Converters
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    Chunguang Ren received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, China, in 2012, and received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Taiyuan University of Technology, China, in 2017. Currently he is working as an Associate Professor at Taiyuan University of Technology. His current interests include modeling and control of power electronics, power energy routers, power electronics interfaces for renewable source in microgrid, power quality and stability of power converters.
    [1] Chunguang Ren, Xiaoqing Han, Lei Wang, Yu Yang, Wenping Qin, Peng Wang. High performance three-phase PWM converter with reduced DC-link capacitor under unbalanced AC voltage conditions. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2018, 65(2):1041-1050.
    [2] Chunguang Ren, Huipeng Li, Yu Yang, Xiaoqing Han, Peng Wang. Investigation of the voltage collapse mechanism in three-phase PWM rectifiers. Journal of Power Electronics, 2017, 17(5):1268-1277.
    [3] Lei Wang, Chunguang Ren, Yu Yang, Xiaoqing Han, Peng Wang. An improved one cycle control for active power filters under non-ideal voltage conditions. Journal of Power Electronics, 2016, 16(6): 2350-2358.
    [4] Lei Wang, Xiaoqing Han, Chunguang Ren, Yu Yang, Wang Peng. A modified one-cycle-control-based active power filter for harmonic compensation. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2018, 65(1):738-748.
    [5] Baifu Zhang, Xiaoqing Han, Chunguang Ren. A Circulating Current Suppression Method with Adaptive Virtual Impedance for Multi-bidirectional Power Converters under Unbalanced Conditions. CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems, early access.
    [6] Chunguang Ren, Longfeng Liu, Xiaoqing Han. Multi-mode Control for Three-phase Bidirectional AC/DC Converter in Hybrid Microgrid under Unbalanced AC voltage Conditions. ECCE, 2019.
    [7] Baifu Zhang, Xiaoqing Han, Runquan Meng, Chunguang Ren. virtual impedance control based on second-order generalized integral for circulating current suppression. Journal of Power Electronics. DOI 10.1007/s43236-020-00171-y
    [8] Tao Yu, Chunguang Ren, Yanbing Jia, Jian Li, Jianzhong Zhang, Yang Xu, Baoqiang Yan, Mingjiang Zhang. Photovoltaic panel temperature monitoring and prediction by Raman distributed temperature sensor with fuzzy temperature difference threshold method. IEEE Sensors Journal. 2021, 21(1): 373–380.
    [9] Yu Xiao, Chunguang Ren, Xiaoqing Han, Peng Wang. A Generalized and Mode-Adaptive Approach to the Power Flow Analysis of the Isolated Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids. Energies. 2019, 12 (2):1-22.
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