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Haiyu Liu
Title:Professor Education:Ph.D
Research Area:Basic Research and Engineering Application of Clean Coal Utilization, Microwave Dielectric Characterization of Carbonaceous Material, Efficient Utilization of Biomass, Experimental and Mechanism Study on Combustion Reaction Kinetics, Solid Waste Treatment and Resource Utilization
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    Prof Haiyu Liu received his Master degree and PhD degree from Xian Jiaotong University, China, in 2017, 2011, respectively. And He is presently working as a Professor in the College of Electrical and Power Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology. His current research concerned with Basic research and engineering application of clean coal utilization, Microwave dielectric characterization of carbonaceous material, Efficient utilization of biomass, Experimental and Mechanism Study on Combustion Reaction Kinetics, Solid waste treatment and resource utilization.
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