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Lei Wang
Title:Assistant Professor Education:Ph.D
Research Area:Control of Power Electronics Converters,System Identification and Predictive Control,Application of Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems,Power Quality Compensation Systems,DC Distribution Network
  • Publications
    (1) Wang Lei, Han Xiaoqing, Ren Chunguang, Yang Yu, Wang Peng. A Modified One-Cycle-Control-Based Active Power Filter for Harmonic Compensation [J]. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2018, 65(1): 738-748.
    (2) Wang Lei, Han Xiaoqing, Meng Runquan, Ren Chunguang, Wang Qi and Zhang Baifu. Source Current Control Strategy of Active Power Filters for Unbalanced Load Compensation in Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution Networks [J]. Journal of Power Electronics, 2018, 18(5): 1545-1554.
    (3) Wang Lei, Ren Chunguang, Yang Yu, Han Xiaoqing, Wang Peng. An Improved One Cycle Control for Active Power Filters under Non-Ideal Voltage Conditions [J]. Journal of Power Electronics, 2016, 16(6): 2350-2358.
    (4) Wang Lei, Han Xiaoqing, Yang Yu, Meng Runquan, Wang Peng. A Modified One-Cycle Control Based on Stationary Reference Frame for Active Power Filter to Compensation [J]. Power System Technology, 2017, 41(08): 2604-2610. (In Chinese)
    (5) Chen Yuhao, Wang Lei, Liu Yizhao, Meng Runquan, Yang Yu, Han Xiaoqing. An Improved Control Strategy for Three-Phase Four-Wire Active Power Filter Based on Vector-Resonant Control[C]. IEEE 11th Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, 2016: 1440-1445.
    (6) Ren Chunguang, Han Xiaoqing, Wang Lei, Yang Yu, Qin Wenping, Wang Peng. High Performance Three-phase PWM Converter with Reduced DC-Link Capacitor under Unbalanced AC Voltage Conditions[J]. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. 2018, 65(2): 1041~1050.
    (7) Xiang Yingping, Han Xiaoqing, Wang Lei; Wang Peng and Qin Wenping. Resonance characteristics and damping techniques of grid-connected converter with the distributed capacitance of transmission line[C]. IEEE 13th Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, 2018: 491-496.
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