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Lifang Zhang
Title:Lecturer Education:Ph.D
Research Area:Absorption Spectroscopy, the Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Gases Concentration Distribution in Premixed Flame, 2D Algebraic Reconstruction Technique, Trace Gases Escape Monitoring, Noise Reduction Technology, Multi-Component Concentration Measurement, Biomass Pyrolysis Measurement Based on Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy
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    Dr. Lifang Zhang is a Lecturer in Department of Thermal Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, China. She studied Combustion diagnosis, theory and algorithms in the Zhejiang university where she also obtained her PhD in 2017. She research focuses on absorption spectroscopy, the simultaneous measurement of temperature and gases concentration distribution in premixed flame, 2D algebraic reconstruction technique, trace gases escape monitoring, noise reduction technology, multi-component concentration measurement, biomass pyrolysis measurement based on tunable diode laser spectroscopy.
    (1) Zhang Lifang, Wang Fei, Zhang Haidan, Yan Jianhua, Cen Kefa. Simultaneous measurement of gas distribution in premixed flame using adaptive algebraic reconstruction technique based on absorption spectrum [J]. Chinese Optics Letters, 2016, 14(11), 111201.
    (2) Zhang Lifang, Wang Fei, Yu Libin, Yan Jianhua, Cen Kefa. The experiment research on Reducing the minimum measureable limit of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy with wavelet analysis[J]. Spectroscopy and spectral analysis, 2016,36(6):1794-1798.
    (3) Zhang Lifang, Wang Fei, Zhang Haidan, Wu qi, Yan Jianhua, Cen Kefa. Research on the distribution of gas concentration of two-dimensional reconstruction based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy with multispectral absorption[J]. Spectroscopy and spectral analysis, 2016,36(10).
    (4) Zhang Lifang, Wang Fei, Yu Libin, Yan Jianhua, Cen Kefa. The research for trace ammonia escape monitoring system based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy[J]. Spectroscopy and spectral analysis, 2015,35(6):1639-1642.
    (5) Lifang Zhang, Fei Wang, Libin Yu, Jianhua Yan, Kefa Cen. NO concentration sensing at 1.79µm transition using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. AIP Conf. Proc. 1592, 254(2014), 8th International Symposium on Measurement for Multiphase Flow.
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