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Ural Federal University visits College of Electrical and Power Engineering

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On October 25, 2023, a delegation from Ural Federal University in Russia, consisting of Sergey Knyazev, Director of the Office of Academic Affairs, Anna Visotskaya, Director of the International Projects Department, Kristina Kaliyasma, Director of the Digital Twin Science Laboratory in the Power Industry and Head of the Electrical Engineering Department, and Vladislav Povtsv, a faculty member of the Electrical Engineering Department, visited the School of Electrical and Power Engineering at Taiyuan University of Technology. They held discussions and research regarding the cooperative education program for the Master's degree in Electrical Engineering for the academic year 2023.

During the meeting, fruitful discussions were held between the delegation and Han Xiaoqing, Dean of the School of Electrical and Power Engineering, Xu Xin, Secretary of the School's Party Committee, Jia Yanbing, Director of the Electrical Engineering Department, Qin Wenping, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Electrical Engineering Department, as well as counselors Sun Haotao, Shi Haochen, and Liu Shasha, and other staff members. The discussions focused on teaching methods, faculty selection, target students, teaching assistants, practical training, graduation requirements, and the arrangement of future Russian lecturers.

Both parties reached a consensus on the aforementioned topics. They made a joint commitment to carry out the education and cultivation of both planned and additional Master's students in accordance with the signed agreement, thereby laying a solid foundation for future cooperation and the renewal of the cooperative education agreement.

This meeting signifies an important step forward in the collaboration between the two institutions in the field of Electrical Engineering. It is expected that further exchanges and cooperation will be strengthened, promoting mutual benefits in academic research and talent development.

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